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Now that the Euro 2016 has ended, with Portugal besting France in a historic win for the small country, and stateside, the #HRDerby has come and gone, America is shifting its attention to a new, and even more exciting sport: Pokemon Go! As you fire up your phones for some downtown Baltimore Pokemon hunting, consider adding an additional family-oriented activity or two to your day. There’s plenty for families to do in the downtown area while you’re strolling and looking for Pikachu. Your first stop on a Pokemon-fueled tour might be Port Discovery Children’s Museum, where daily Circle Time events will entertain young children andRead More →

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All eyes have been on Washington this week, with Miss DC being crowned Miss USA just as the race for the White House narrows down to Hillary Clinton and her #IAmWithHer supporters and Donald Trump…and his Donald Trump hair.   But there’s also plenty of action a few miles to the north, in downtown Baltimore, with summertime events kicking off all over the city, including a new exhibit and a Family Beach Dance Party at Port Discovery and a fantastic Fourth of July Pier Party hosted by the National Aquarium. At Port Discovery, expand your children’s worlds with Heart & Seoul: Growing Up in Korea.Read More →

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Calypso in Blacktip Reef A recent article in the Wall Street Journal featured everyone’s favorite 500-pound green sea turtle, Calypso! READ THE ARTICLE Animal Update: New Jellies on Exhibit Flower hat jellies are now on exhibit in Jellies Invasion, marking a first for the Aquarium! Flower hat jellies can be found throughout the coastal waters of southern Japan in the Pacific and Brazil and Argentina in the Atlantic. LEARN MORE Calendar of Events    Conservation Event JUNE 1, 2016 • 10 AM – 12 PM Biohut Inventory Conservation Event JUNE 18, 2016 • 10 AM – 1 PM BioBlitz at Masonville Cove Special Event JULYRead More →


The news cycle has been wild lately. We’ve felt fear, then relief, following the story of the kidnapping (and rescue) of Tennessee girl Carlie Trent. We’ve laughed and rolled our eyes at the announcement that Rob Gronkowski will be on the cover of Madden NFL 17. We’ve devoured every story about Paul Ryan’s meeting with Donald Trump. And we’ve cared way more than we probably should about what’s happening with the cast of Empire. Add all of that to weeks of rain, with only scant glimpses of the sun, and Baltimore is more than a little punchy. So it’s no surprise that some recent –Read More →

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  Explore the Monsters of the Sea at National Aquarium’s 4-D Immersion Theater It’s been a long, cold week in Baltimore, filled with snowy talk of Super Delegates, caucuses and all sorts of Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump drama. Whether you’re feeling the “bern,” in it with Hillary or part of Trump Nation, after a week like this one, you probably need a break. We all do. The National Aquarium in Baltimore offers the perfect diversion. At the Aquarium’s 4-D immersion theater, get to know a type of monster that’s completely unrelated to the political arena. Sea Monsters 4-D: A Prehistoric Adventure introduces viewers to the creaturesRead More →

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        It’s time to celebrate, Baltimore. Now that we have our most recent bout of horrible winter weather and never ending school closings behind us, why not get out of the house? It’s a great time to head downtown for a day of seals, fish…and SpongeBob at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. Take advantage of the Aquarium’s 4-D immersion films program to check out Nickelodeon’s best-dressed undersea creature, SpongeBob SquarePants, like you’ve never seen him before. In “SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D: The Great Jelly Rescue!”, SpongeBob has to step up and save his oceanic home after bad guy Plankton kidnaps all the sea’sRead More →

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Get to Know the Animals at the National Aquarium’s Animal Encounters Events   What does an eastern box turtle eat? What’s the difference between an Australian python and one that lives in Africa? What is a hyacinth macaw? A fish? A bird? The name of the newest Kardashian baby?   These questions – and more – are the types of things answered during the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Animal Encounters events.   Held in the Harbor Overlook section of the Aquarium, Animal Encounters gives both kids and adults the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Aquarium’s animals. Budding marine biologists – andRead More →