National Aquarium’s Animal Encounter Events

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Get to Know the Animals at the National Aquarium’s Animal Encounters Events


What does an eastern box turtle eat? What’s the difference between an Australian python and one that lives in Africa? What is a hyacinth macaw? A fish? A bird? The name of the newest Kardashian baby?


These questions – and more – are the types of things answered during the National Aquarium in Baltimore’s Animal Encounters events.


Animal_encounterHeld in the Harbor Overlook section of the Aquarium, Animal Encounters gives both kids and adults the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Aquarium’s animals. Budding marine biologists – and their parents – will love learning about the animals, where and how they live, what they eat and what can be done to help keep their natural environments safe and healthy.


The Aquarium holds four or five Animal Encounters events daily, making it a convenient way to anchor a fun-filled day at the harbor. The first is at 10 a.m. and the final event is at 4 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 6 p.m. on Fridays.


Start your trip by parking at the Harbor Park Garage, located at 55 Market Place. Harbor Park is just a short walk to the Aquarium and to other attractions and is less expensive than other nearby parking garages.


At the garage, grab a complimentary map to help you navigate the area. Employees and security guards have plenty to share, and if you have any questions about where you’re going or what to do, they’ll be happy to help.
Hit the Aquarium for Animal Encounters then put your newfound animal knowledge to work with a tour of the rest of the building. Or tour first and take in the Animal Encounters event after you have learned a bit about marine life.


After the Aquarium, head to the ever-popular Miss Shirley’s Café (750 East Pratt Street) to talk about your favorite parts of the experience, while refueling with the restaurant’s fabulous southern-inspired comfort food.


On the drive home, with bellies full of grits and minds bursting with newfound knowledge, plan your next trip to Baltimore. There’s always plenty to see downtown – both at the National Aquarium and beyond.