Maryland Fleet Week & Flyover Baltimore

Get ready for an exhilarating week in Baltimore! From June 12-18, 2024, the Maryland Fleet Week & Flyover Baltimore, presented by Northrop Grumman, returns to the city’s iconic waterfronts. This spectacular event offers a unique opportunity to explore naval ships, historic vessels, and enjoy thrilling air shows. Dive into maritime and aviation STEM activities, engage in educational programs, and experience vibrant community festivals. Prime locations like the Inner Harbor, Fells Point, and Martin State Airport will host various activities. Festival Activations There will be three festival activations during Maryland Fleet Week featuring live musical performances, exhibitors, food and drink, hands-on children’s activities, military displays, andRead More →

A vibrant scene at a community birthday party outside Port Discovery Children's Museum. The image features a group of children of various ethnicities

As the summer sun warms the heart of Baltimore, Port Discovery Children’s Museum is throwing open its doors to celebrate a remarkable milestone. This year marks Port Discovery’s 25th anniversary, and they’re inviting you to join the festivities at their Community Birthday Bash. Harbor Park Garage is excited to be the official parking partner for this memorable event, ensuring that your visit is convenient and worry-free. On June 2nd, from the morning till the close of the day, Port Discovery will be bustling with activities and fun for all ages. Admission is free, but remember, spaces are limited, so it’s a good idea to bookRead More →

A humorous and lively depiction of a cicada invasion in an urban park setting. The scene includes numerous oversized cicadas, each with exaggerated red eyes

Hello, Baltimore! Ready for the bi-decade cicada serenade? This year, a dual emergence of Brood XIX and Brood XIII cicadas is set to unfold across the Midwest and Southeast, a phenomenon unseen since 1803. With trillions of cicadas preparing to blanket a 16-state area, including parts of our region, it’s going to be an interesting spring, to say the least! But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect escape plan: Why not ditch the deafening drone and spend a day or evening at Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor? And for hassle-free parking, Harbor Park Garage offers the best spot to begin your cicada-free adventure. Why Inner Harbor?Read More →

A boat docked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor with holiday lights illuminating its voyage.

In the heart of Baltimore, where the past whispers through cobblestone streets and the present glistens in the lights reflected on the water, the Inner Harbor neighborhood stands as a testament to the city’s vibrant history and dynamic present. As the holiday season descends upon us, the Inner Harbor transforms into a winter wonderland, offering residents and visitors alike a magical experience to cherish. Join us on a festive journey through this iconic neighborhood, where every street corner tells a tale and each event promises a memory that will last a lifetime. Part 1: A Glimpse into the Past 🕰️ History Unveiled: From Maritime HubRead More →

Baltimore's Holiday Festivities come alive at Harbor Park Garage, where a picturesque Christmas scene unfolds with people joyfully skating on an ice rink.

🌟 20 Sparkling Holiday Adventures at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor! 🎉🎄 Let the Festive Fun Begin with Harbor Park Garage!Hey, Holiday Explorers! Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is transforming into a winter wonderland, and Harbor Park Garage is your merry guide to 20 twinkling holiday adventures. Get ready to jingle around the Inner Harbor with these festive treats:⛸ Inner Harbor Ice Rink (Nov 10 – Jan 15): Glide under twinkling lights at the magical ice rink.🏰 Christmas Village in Baltimore (Nov 18 – Dec 24): Wander through a wonderland of festive stalls and holiday cheer.🚂 The Polar Express Train Ride (Nov 24 – Dec 19): Hop aboard forRead More →

A man standing in the water near a building, immersed in The Harbor Wetland Experience.

 Embrace Nature’s MarvelGreetings, fellow explorers and friends of the Harbor!As the heart of Baltimore’s vibrant landscape, the Inner Harbor is about to embrace a transformative experience that redefines our interaction with nature. Harbor Park Garage is thrilled to announce its partnership with the National Aquarium in welcoming the awe-inspiring Harbor Wetland exhibit, set to open its wonders to the public in 2024.A Revival of Ecosystems Past The Harbor Wetland is not just an exhibit; it’s a testament to resilience, a revival of the tidal salt marsh that once cradled the biodiversity of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This reimagined habitat, presented by CFG Bank, will be aRead More →

A group of sailors standing on the deck of a ship.

 A Spectacular Maritime Experience!Greetings, Baltimore!Harbor Park Garage is thrilled to announce the return of the majestic Brazilian Navy training ship, NE BRASIL, to our beloved Baltimore harbor. This iconic ship, which has been missed by many, is set to grace our waters once again, and we couldn’t be more excited!Event Details:Date: September 7, 2023, to September 12, 2023Time: 12:00 am to 10:00 amSpecial Highlight: FREE Deck Tours! Mark your calendars for an exclusive opportunity to step aboard the NE BRASIL. Free deck tours will be available on:Saturday, September 9: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PMSunday, September 10: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PMExperience the grandeur of thisRead More →