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$10 Parking for Baltimore City Jurors

Don’t let jury duty get your down.  At Harbor Park Garage we have a $10 Jury Duty Parking Deal deal that is a guaranteed to turn that frown around. To validate, stop by the parking office on the 2nd floor of the garage and show our friendly attendants your jury summons or badge.

*In after 5am and before 9am. Exit before 6pm (Monday-Friday Only).

Harbor Park Garage is the best choice for Jury Duty parking in the Inner Harbor.
Our brightly lit, clean, staffed garage is located only steps away from both the Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Courthouse and the Baltimore City War Memorial Building.

What Are Walking Directions from Harbor Park Garage?

  • Take elevator or adjacent stairs down to the first floor lobby.
  • Exit Harbor Park Garage onto Lombard Street.
  • Turn right and walk 4 blocks to corner of Lombard Street and Light Street.
  • Turn Right on Light Street and walk two blocks to E. Fayette Street.
  • The Clarence M. Mitchel Courthouse will be on the left
  • Approximate walk time – 10 minutes.


Compare Prices


Harbor Park Garage



Frederick Street Garage279$15
Lockwood Garage915$24 max evening rate

Touchless Parking

Automated: Our parking systems fully automated so that human interaction is not required.

Online Pre-Payment: For an extra level of ease and security, you can pre-book with one of our fantastic parking partners. Both SportHero and ParkWhiz allow for app-based pre-payment to help minimize your touchpoints while in the garage. We have even added extra-large scanners by the entry gates for safe and secure access. Follow one of these two links to pre-book your parking now.


License Plate Recognition: Our monthly parking system is fully automated and 100% touchless. Once registered, the system will read your license plate and automatically vend the entrance and exit gates. There is not need to roll down your window. If you have issues or concerns, please call our monthly Parker hotline at (410) 234-3632

Our Pledge

All Day / Every Day: At Harbor Park Garage, we are committed to being a full-service operation staffed 24-7 and always ready to assist our customers or share a friendly smile. That commitment has not changed.