A humorous and lively depiction of a cicada invasion in an urban park setting. The scene includes numerous oversized cicadas, each with exaggerated red eyes

Hello, Baltimore! Ready for the bi-decade cicada serenade? This year, a dual emergence of Brood XIX and Brood XIII cicadas is set to unfold across the Midwest and Southeast, a phenomenon unseen since 1803. With trillions of cicadas preparing to blanket a 16-state area, including parts of our region, it’s going to be an interesting spring, to say the least! But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect escape plan: Why not ditch the deafening drone and spend a day or evening at Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor? And for hassle-free parking, Harbor Park Garage offers the best spot to begin your cicada-free adventure. Why Inner Harbor?Read More →

A man standing in the water near a building, immersed in The Harbor Wetland Experience.

 Embrace Nature’s MarvelGreetings, fellow explorers and friends of the Harbor!As the heart of Baltimore’s vibrant landscape, the Inner Harbor is about to embrace a transformative experience that redefines our interaction with nature. Harbor Park Garage is thrilled to announce its partnership with the National Aquarium in welcoming the awe-inspiring Harbor Wetland exhibit, set to open its wonders to the public in 2024.A Revival of Ecosystems Past The Harbor Wetland is not just an exhibit; it’s a testament to resilience, a revival of the tidal salt marsh that once cradled the biodiversity of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This reimagined habitat, presented by CFG Bank, will be aRead More →

November's Fun-Filled Adventures Near Harbor Park Garage! A city building stands tall, mirrored in the tranquil waters nearby.

Uncover Family TreasuresHello, Harbor Park explorers! As the amber leaves of autumn cascade down, painting Baltimore in warm hues, we’re embracing the crisp air with a heart full of adventure. November is not just about giving thanks; it’s about spending precious moments with family, creating memories that last. Nestled in the heart of the Inner Harbor, Harbor Park Garage offers the perfect starting point for an array of family-friendly escapades. Let’s dive into a world of fun, education, and awe-inspiring experiences that await you this November!1. Port Discovery Children’s Museum: A World Where Play Inspires Learning! While specific November events are under wraps, Port DiscoveryRead More →

Silhouette, witch costume at the National Aquarium in Baltimore

Embark on an underwater adventure at the National Aquarium, Baltimore, where the ocean’s most fascinating inhabitants are ready to mesmerize you with their beauty and uniqueness. With a lineup of special events that promise to elevate your experience, planning your visit is now more exciting than ever! And guess what? Your parking woes are sorted with Harbor Park Garage, the official parking partner of the National Aquarium, ensuring your visit is smooth sailing from start to finish.Upcoming Events at the National AquariumMember EveningDate: October 30, 2023Details:  A special Hallowmarine Member Evening at the Aquarium, presented by CFG Bank. Haunt the exhibits after hours and treatRead More →


 Experience the Aquarium like never before with an immersive tour featuring art installations that explore the healing power of water, as well as local food vendors and an after party dance performance.When: Thursday, July 20, 2023 from 6 to 11 pmWhere: 501 E. Pratt St., Baltimore, MD 21202Who: Adults 21+Price: $50/personImportant DetailsGuests will enter through the Aquarium’s Pier 4 building; please be prepared with photo ID. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to attend the event.Food and beverage from local Baltimore vendors will be available for purchase and are not included in the ticket price.Australia: Wild Extremes in Pier 3 and the Dolphin Discovery amphitheater in Pier 4 willRead More →

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As the calendar turns and the cherry blossoms start to bloom, downtown Baltimore comes alive with concerts, parades, parties and events. Here’s a look at what’s coming up near the Inner Harbor this spring:   Shamrocks, Shenanigan’s and More Though the weather is often still chilly, spring unofficially kicks off in early March in Baltimore, when St. Patrick comes to town. On Saturday, March 11, Power Plant Live! hosts the Shamrock Stumble Bar Crawl, featuring drink specials, St. Pat’s swag, Irish music and more, starting at noon. https://www.shamrockstumble.com/baltimore?fbclid=IwAR0J319ES7np8qvkMdhvIArujthhQbE7MIheYna744AVqGhzOYhvOyFwZrQ This year, the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade takes place on Sunday, March 12. The parade routeRead More →

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    Once upon a time, an invitation to party with the fishies was a Tony Soprano-style invite that no one wanted. But the times they are a changing and this is an invite you absolutely do not want to miss.   Book Your Tickets Now   & Reserve the $10 Pre-Pay Voyages Parking Special for the National Aquarium’s Voyages: Chapter 2 At the intersection of art and sciences lies Voyages, an original immersive event series at the National Aquarium that inspires a connection to nature and celebrates all things Baltimore. At Voyages: Chapter 2, voyagers will kick off their journey with local vendors servingRead More →