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But don’t worry about parking, we have you covered. Beginning January 25, guests ages 12 and older are required to show proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 before entering the Aquarium. But don’t worry, Harbor Park Garage has you covered (pardon the pun). If you purchased advanced parking and can no longer attend the Aquarium, we are happy to provide a refund on your parking. If you show up at the Aquarium and cannot get in, yes, forgetting paperwork happens to the best of us, we will refund your parking so long as you return within 1 hour to the garage and remove your car.Read More →

A jellyfish swimming in a blue water.

  Learn about jellies research and New Year’s resolutions for the planet! Introducing the Atlantic Bay Nettle For the past 175 years, scientists would tell you that the Chesapeake Bay’s most iconic jelly was an Atlantic sea nettle—but recent research suggests otherwise. LEARN MORE New Year’s Resolutions for the Planet Resolutions are a great way to start off a new year, and including the planet in your 2018 resolutions is even better! READ MORE

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Happy Manatee Awareness Month! November has been deemed Manatee Awareness Month to help promote the protection of manatees. Learn more about these gentle giants—and how you can help protect them. LEARN MORE Celebrating Jellies In honor of Jellyfish Day, learn about a few of the fascinating species that live in our Jellies Invasion exhibit. READ MORE Calendar of Events NOVEMBER 5, 2017 • 9 AM – 11 AM  “Seafood by the Harbor” at the Baltimore Farmers’ Market and Bazaar  Evening Lecture DECEMBER 13, 2017 • 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM The Passion of a Patriot: A Journey from Private Virtues to Public Values

A close up of an octopus' tentacles.

Color-Changing Cephalopods Octopuses, along with several other molluscan members of the Cephalopoda class, are masters of camouflage. Watch how octopuses use their color-changing skills to their advantage! WATCH  Arms vs. TentaclesArms vs. Tentacles If you think octopuses have tentacles, you’re not alone—but the eight limbs attached to an octopus’ head are actually arms. Learn about the difference between arms and tentacles! LEARN MORE Calendar of Events:    Evening Lecture OCTOBER 17, 2017 • 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM JUNK Raft: Our Voyage Toward More Ocean, Less Plastic Conservation Event OCTOBER 28, 2017 • 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM International Coastal Cleanup at Masonville Cove EveningRead More →

A small turtle is swimming in the grass.

Animal Rescue Update: After spending several months at our Animal Care Center, Luna the juvenile grey seal was released yesterday in New Jersey! LEARN MORE Terrapin Hatchlings Are Here! The National Aquarium is currently caring for 51 terrapin hatchlings as part of our Terrapins in the Classroom program! Our team will care for the hatchlings until they’re ready to be sent to Maryland classrooms at the end of September. Watch our recent Facebook Live to learn more! LEARN MORE Calendar of Events SEPTEMBER 22 – SEPTEMBER 24, 2017 • 11 AM – 7 PM Baltimore Book Festival

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Make Way for Pufflings! We’re excited to welcome three new puffin chicks—Gnocchi, Viola and Willow—to our Sea Cliffs exhibit! This is the first time more than two puffin chicks have hatched in a single season at the Aquarium. READ MORE Floating Wetland Prototype Installed A floating wetland prototype that mimics a natural tidal salt marsh habitat has been installed between Piers 3 and 4! This prototype is the next step in our plan to revitalize Baltimore’s Inner Harbor through our Waterfront Campus, which will reintroduce wetland habitats for native species and provide local students with a living classroom. LEARN MORE Calendar of Events Conservation EventRead More →

A green sea turtle swimming in an aquarium.

It’s Sea Turtle Week and15th National Aquarium Anniversary! Celebrate the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Sea Turtle Week by learning about the journey of Calypso, our rescued green sea turtle. LEARN MORE Phil And Luna Update! Our Animal Rescue and Animal Health teams continue to care for a juvenile grey seal nicknamed Luna and a male harbor seal nicknamed Phil. They’re both showing signs of improvement in their overall health! LEARN MORE Calendar of Events  Conservation Event JUNE 24, 2017 • 10 AM – 2 PM BioBlitz at Masonville Cove