Pokemon Go-ing in Downtown Baltimore? Check Out These Kid-Fr …

Pokemon go logo on a blue background.

pokemon go logoNow that the Euro 2016 has ended, with Portugal besting France in a historic win for the small country, and stateside, the #HRDerby has come and gone, America is shifting its attention to a new, and even more exciting sport: Pokemon Go!

As you fire up your phones for some downtown Baltimore Pokemon hunting, consider adding an additional family-oriented activity or two to your day. There’s plenty for families to do in the downtown area while you’re strolling and looking for Pikachu.

Your first stop on a Pokemon-fueled tour might be Port Discovery Children’s Museum, where daily Circle Time events will entertain young children and interactive exhibits, like “Here We Grow!” – which is all about farm processes – will keep older kids engaged.

water pokemon rules!Over at the National Aquarium, regular talks given by Aquarium scuba divers will fascinate kids. If they love hunting for bright Pokemon cartoon characters, they’ll be mesmerized by the colorful fish swimming with the divers. By the way, since you are close to the water, you may be able to catch a water Pokemon!

Pokemon hunting is a tiring sport; when you need to take a break to refuel, Miss Shirley’s Café is a natural choice. It’s kid-friendly, but also known for excellent food that appeals to adults as well as young appetites. Whatever you do, be sure to order a side of grits with bacon. You won’t be sorry.

And for the adults: over the next few weeks, if you’re headed over to Harbor East for dinner or drinks, keep in mind that roadwork begins on the Central Avenue bridge on July 18. Instead of sitting in traffic trying to fight your way to Harbor East, consider parking a little farther north and walking down. It’s a pleasant stroll through Little Italy on a warm summer evening.

charizardWhether you’re Harbor East-bound, heading to the Aquarium or en route to Port Discovery, Harbor Park Garage is a convenient and reasonably priced parking option. Located at 55 Market Place, it’s a short walk to downtown and Harbor East – if you have any questions about where you’re headed, a helpful garage staff member will point you in the right direction. We heard someone caught a Charizard around the garage!

And you never know – on that walk, you just might catch a Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Pikachu or two! Don’t forget you can also prepay for your parking too! Click here – https://goo.gl/BgRcQ7


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