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Explore the Monsters of the Sea
at National Aquarium’s 
4-D Immersion Theater

It’s been a long, cold week in Baltimore, filled with snowy talk of Super Delegates, caucuses and all sorts of Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump drama. Whether you’re feeling the “bern,” in it with Hillary or part of Trump Nation, after a week like this one, you probably need a break. We all do.

The National Aquarium in Baltimore offers the perfect diversion. At the Aquarium’s 4-D immersion theater, get to know a type of monster that’s completely unrelated to the political arena. Sea Monsters 4-D: A Prehistoric Adventure introduces viewers to the creatures that inhabited the sea during the Age of Dinosaurs.

The story focuses on one sea monster’s journey through one of pre-history’s most dangerous seas. Follow her path from the shallows to the deep, exploring the sea as it looked 82 million years ago.

The movie, produced by the National Geographic Society, brings the scientific process to life, showing how scientific discoveries are woven together to tell the story of history. The 4-D experience, including extra sensory effects like mist, bubbles, leg ticklers and scents, adds an extra thrill.

For extra information before you go, download the Educator’s Guide for the movie, which provides insight into how to make the most of the movie experience with kids in grades 3 through 6.

Tickets are required for the movie and can be purchased online or at the Aquarium. The film lasts for about 15 minutes and plays frequently throughout the day, so it’s a convenient part of any trip.

For convenient and inexpensive parking, try Harbor Park Garage at 55 Market Place The garage is a short walk to the Aquarium and other attractions and is staffed with a friendly security crew and employees who will answer any questions and help you easily find your way to the Aquarium, to restaurants and to any other activities you’d like to visit downtown.

After your trip to the pre-historic undersea, fuel up with a stop at Joe Squared, a pizza joint in Power Plant LIVE! (30 Market Place, 410-962-5566). Locally owned Joe Squared has earned much love for its coal-fired, thin crust pizzas, both from Baltimore and beyond – the pizza recipes have made appearances on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and in Food Network Magazine.

Over a pizza, your conversation might weave its way back to the world of politics. But instead of talking about the battle between the Democrats and the GOP, why not chat about something more pleasant? Pre-historic sea monsters would be just the thing.