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As we settle down, following a fourth of July full of celebrations of the birth of the #Murica we all know and love, we’ve been alternately entertained and shocked by everything from the Clinton FBI probe outcome to the announcement that Kevin Durant will head to the Golden State Warriors. Closer to home, those in the Baltimore area have recently been treated to the news that’s less dramatic than #1776Trump or anything President Obama has to say – but it’s still worthy of fireworks. The National Aquarium in Baltimore announced that it will create a dolphin sanctuary – the first in North America – inRead More →


Whether you’re #NeverTrump or #DropOutHillary, or you’re Feelin’ the Bern, you’ve got to admit, this election season, Baltimoreans need opportunities to escape from the news cycle like never before. Even watching the Orioles beat the Yankees isn’t quite enough, on its own, to cleanse our minds. Fortunately, downtown Baltimore offers plenty of ways to escape – even if only for an afternoon. Head to the National Aquarium in Baltimore to experience life under the sea – a location so remote, even the most tenacious political characters won’t be able to find you. The National Aquarium’s exhibits are both entertaining and educational. Check out Blacktip Reef,Read More →