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But don’t worry about parking, we have you covered. Beginning January 25, guests ages 12 and older are required to show proof of complete vaccination against COVID-19 before entering the Aquarium. But don’t worry, Harbor Park Garage has you covered (pardon the pun). If you purchased advanced parking and can no longer attend the Aquarium, we are happy to provide a refund on your parking. If you show up at the Aquarium and cannot get in, yes, forgetting paperwork happens to the best of us, we will refund your parking so long as you return within 1 hour to the garage and remove your car.Read More →

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At Harbor Park Garage, we take our appearance seriously. That is why we power wash the entire parking garage regularly. That way, you can rest assured that when you visit the Inner Harbor, your first and last view will be a spotless one. Of course regular power washing is just one of the many thing that we do to make sure that Harbor Park Garage will make a great impression. The parking is staffed 24-7 so while you are sleeping our parking associate are busy cleaning.  And durring the day we are clean the key areas of the garage hourly.  That way we make sureRead More →

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10 things to do to make the transition back to work successfully • Be Humble. Humblebragging is so 2020. No one wants to hear about how you taught your dog to juggle and your toddler calculus while loving every second of the lockdown with your fantastic family of kids that never argue and a spouse who does 95% of the housework and cooked gourmet creations three meals a day. • Don’t Be Too Humble. At the same time, we don’t want to hear about how tough it was for you. It sucked for us, too, and we don’t need to know how much worse itRead More →

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Downtown Baltimore is draped in sparkly lights for the holidays; a trip to the Inner Harbor is a fun way to jump-start feelings of holiday spirit. However, with COVID cases on the rise, Baltimore City guidelines for businesses are rapidly changing, including a new ban on indoor and outdoor dining and entertainment – which means that supporting your favorite downtown businesses might look different than it has in past years (or even past weeks). To comply with the new rules, many downtown businesses are shifting gears quickly, trying to stay afloat during this rapidly changing environment. Restaurants are moving to carryout only and venues areRead More →