Clean Parking in Downtown Baltimore

Habor Park Garage Power Wash scaled

At Harbor Park Garage, we take our appearance seriously. That is why we power wash the entire parking garage regularly. That way, you can rest assured that when you visit the Inner Harbor, your first and last view will be a spotless one.

Of course regular power washing is just one of the many thing that we do to make sure that Harbor Park Garage will make a great impression. The parking is staffed 24-7 so while you are sleeping our parking associate are busy cleaning.  And durring the day we are clean the key areas of the garage hourly.  That way we make sure that the parking garage is sparkling when you arrive.

Since the early days of COVID we also spray the key areas of the garage with a best in class anti-microbial cleaning agent.  You can learn all about how your favorite garage responded to the crises by clicking here.

Our goal is to provide a clean, safe and secure gateway to the Inner Harbor so that you can enjoy your visit. We hope to see you soon.