Help Us to Feed the Need

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img-2Heart of the Park is now giving away over 200 meals a day. Every day we meet more people coming by, and we are now ordering more meals so that we can meet the demand. We also have a lot of generous Baltimoreans asking how they can help.

The answer is simple. Call Chef Nancy Longo at Pierpoint Restaurant  410-675-2080 to contribute.

Some facts you should know:

1) This is not a charity. We jumped into action when we realized the magnitude of need.

2) The money goes directly to pay restaurant workers and buy the necessary supplies.

3) Chef Longo can get some ingredients donated from her suppliers. They have been generous and awesome.

4) Meals cost just $4, which is the best bargain you will ever get from a fantastic upscale restaurant like Pierpoint. To put that in perspective, only $8 provides two great meals to one person in need, which is enough to brighter someone’s day. $100 feeds 25 people. $1000 – you get the picture. Your money will not go to waste.

5) Harbor Park Garage is paying our workers and buying all the meals we can. Our staff is thrilled to be part of this giving initiative in this time of need. Our hope is to get more garages and more restaurants onboard soon.

6) We don’t know how long the pandemic is going to continue before people return to work, but our ambition is to do all we can for as long as we can.

So if you are able to contribute to Heart of the Park, please do.