“Heart of the Park” to help support our community

Heart of the Park Logo Hrz


Starting today, Friday, March 27, we have teamed up with Pierpoint Restaurant to launch “Heart of the Park” to help support our community in this time of need. Our plan is simple. We are providing free meals to the community for as long as necessary. No questions asked.

Here is how it works.Location

Drive to 55 Market Place, Baltimore, MD 21202.


 You will need to pull a ticket to enter. But do not worry,
we will not charge you for parking.

Proceed to Level 3. Our attendants will be waiting
between the hours of 12 and 2 pm daily.


Roll down the passenger window,
so we can communicate at a safe distance.


Tell them how many people you need to feed.


We will then place two meals per person, one ready to eat
& one ready to heat, in your trunk or back seat.


 Exit the parking facility free of charge and enjoy!


Please help spread the word. Too many people have lost work, and if two square meals from one of Baltimore’s best chefs help ease the burden for even a few minutes, we will consider that a huge success.

As always, our job at Harbor Park Garage is simply to put a smile on your face as you pass through our gateway.