The building where the hotel is located.

When you’re taking a trip into downtown Baltimore, whether it’s for dinner and drinks, a day at the National img-2 Aquarium, to stroll around the Inner Harbor, or for anything else, don’t forget to plan your parking strategy. Finding a clean, safe and secure spot to start and end your visit – like Harbor Park Garage – will make your trip more enjoyable all around.


Harbor Park Garage Is Convenient, Safe & Welcoming

Located at 55 Market Place, Harbor Park is extremely convenient to downtown attractions, including the Aquarium and Inner Harbor, Power Plant Live!, Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Pier Six Pavilion, Little Italy and Harbor East restaurants and shops.

But convenience is only part of the garage’s appeal. It’s also a warm and welcoming part of the community. Plus, img-3brightly lit and staffed around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Harbor Park is a safe place to park and to walk.


Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Are There to Help

Harbor Park’s staff is good-natured and friendly; they’re willing to answer any questions you might have about where to go and what to do. They keep a stack of maps of the surrounding area to share with garage visitors and can help you interpret the map and figure out where to go and how to get there.

They know the surrounding area well, so their advice will be spot on – and delivered with a smile. Everyone at img-4Harbor Park gets satisfaction out of helping others enjoy the neighborhood; they take pride in the community they’re a part of and get a kick out of helping others explore the area. Whether you’re a tourist in from across the country or a local heading downtown for an hour or two, they’ll be pleased to help make your trip better.


Maintaining a Safe & Security Environment Is a Top Priority

The garage isn’t just friendly, either – it’s also safe. The Harbor Park team makes safety and security a top priority, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your car or walking to it.

During busy times, management hires additional police officers to boost staff presence and additionally, security guards continually patrol the garage, so both you and your car will remain safe and secure for as long as you’re there, no matter what time of day it is.


Community Involvement Contributes to Security img-5

In fact, the Harbor Park crew – from the security personnel patrolling the space to the people keeping the lanes tidy to the building’s owners – believe being part of the community is just one more way to make sure the garage is safe and secure.

They recognize that there’s more to security than bright lights and police presence. It’s also about being knowledgeable and friendly, and truly caring about the neighborhood, its residents and workers, and the people who visit.