Escape the Cicada Chorus at Inner Harbor with Harbor Park Garage!

A humorous and lively depiction of a cicada invasion in an urban park setting. The scene includes numerous oversized cicadas, each with exaggerated red eyes

Hello, Baltimore! Ready for the bi-decade cicada serenade? This year, a dual emergence of Brood XIX and Brood XIII cicadas is set to unfold across the Midwest and Southeast, a phenomenon unseen since 1803. With trillions of cicadas preparing to blanket a 16-state area, including parts of our region, it’s going to be an interesting spring, to say the least!

But don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect escape plan: Why not ditch the deafening drone and spend a day or evening at Baltimore’s beautiful Inner Harbor? And for hassle-free parking, Harbor Park Garage offers the best spot to begin your cicada-free adventure.

Why Inner Harbor?

Inner Harbor is not just any destination—it’s an oasis of entertainment and relaxation, far from the forests and green spaces where cicadas are likely to be most active. Picture this: enjoying a serene walk along the waterfront, indulging in some delicious dining al fresco, or catching a game or concert at nearby venues—all without the background buzz of cicadas.

What Can You Do at Inner Harbor?

  1. Explore the National Aquarium: Immerse yourself in the aquatic world where the only things buzzing are the excited whispers of families discovering the wonders of marine life.
  2. Visit the Maryland Science Center: Engage with mind-blowing exhibits and activities that promise a fun learning experience—no cicada accompaniment included.
  3. Enjoy a Shopping Spree: With a variety of shops and boutiques, you can shop in peace, free from the cicadas’ chorus.
  4. Dine in Style: Inner Harbor has a plethora of dining options that cater to all tastes, where the only buzz comes from the lively conversation and clinking of glasses.

Why Park at Harbor Park Garage?

Harbor Park Garage is centrally located and offers easy access to all of Inner Harbor’s attractions. With our secure and affordable parking solutions, you can enjoy your day out without worrying about the cicada invasion.

  • Convenience: Just park your car and you’re steps away from all the action.
  • Safety: Our well-lit, secure facility means you can enjoy your day with peace of mind.
  • Affordable: Competitive rates make it easy on your wallet, leaving more to spend on your enjoyment.

So, whether you’re looking to escape the noise or just planning a delightful day out, remember that Harbor Park Garage is your gateway to a cicada-free zone at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Come down, park safe, and enjoy everything the harbor has to offer—buzz-free!

Harbor Park Garage is excited to be part of your cicada escape plan. For more information on our services, visit our website or contact us directly. Let’s make this cicada season memorable for all the right reasons!

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