A street full of people riding rickshaws at night.

Light City, the annual festival of art, music and innovation, returns to Baltimore for its third year this April.img-2

The centerpiece of the event is the BGE Light Art Walk, a collection of light art installations located at points around the Inner Harbor. The installations will be on display from April 14-21 and strolling through the walk is free and open to the public.


What Is the BGE Light Art Walk?

The BGE Light Art Walk, a collection of light art installations, wraps around Baltimore’s harbor, from Harbor East to Federal Hill. This year, the walk includes over 20 different installations, all of which are new to the festival.

Along the walk, you’ll find interactive pieces, performers and food vendors; there’s a lot to do and much to explore.

Which Artists Are Included?img-3

The light artists whose work is featured in the BGE Light Art Walk include both Baltimore locals and creative people from all over the globe. As you walk around the harbor, keep an eye out for these works of light art:

  • On the Wings of Freedom, an interactive piece made of butterflies that change color, by Aether & Hemera
  • Urban Lights Contacts, an interactive sound and light installation by Scenoscosme: Gregory Lasserre and Anais Met Den Ancxt
  • Prismatica, a giant kaleidoscope created by Raw Design, Atomic3, Jean-Francos Piche and Dix au Carre
  • Social Sparkles, a light swarm, by Toer
  • Elantica, a light sculpture that operates off the grid, by Tom Dekyvere
  • Whale Ghost, a creative installation, by Pitaya
  • Pink Enchantment, an interactive installation on the bridge, by Tine Bech Studioimg-4
  • Colour Moves, a “psychedelic carpet,” by Rombout Frieling Lab
  • Fireflies, a collection of 27 illuminated kinetic sculptures, by Cai Guo-Qiang
  • Sun Stomp, a solar-powered projection and soundscape, by Sun Stomp Collective
  • Harbor Memory, a sparkling wetland representing the Inner Harbor’s history, by XXS Group
  • The Herd, a cluster of 400 lit swim rings, by Kelley Bell
  • Octopus, an internally-lit kinetic octopus sculpture, by the trio Tim Scofield, Kyle Miller and Steve Dalnekoff
  • What Lies Beneath, an underwater display, by Formstone Castle
  • Some Thing in the Water, glowing underwater lifeforms, by Post Typography, PI.KL and Figure 53
  • Solar Power/Solar System, a simulation of the night sky, by Samantha Sethi and Andy Holtinimg-5
  • The Eight Art, an illuminated geodesic dome, by Erinn E. Hagerty and Adam P. Savje
  • Synesthesia, an installation focused on sensory feelings, by Surcreative LLC
  • As of a Now, a film projection 3D mapped onto a row house sculpture, by Elissa Blount-Moorhead
  • Pulse Portal, a light-bending portal, by Davis McCarthy
  • Drone Prix at Light City, a drone race course, by Global Air Media and McCormack and Figg

What Else Happens at Light City?

In addition to the BGE Light Art Walk, dozens of musicians and performers are on hand to entertain visitors at different points during the festival. The lineup includes everyone from Grand Master Flash to the BSO OrchKids.

From April 18-21, Labs@LightCity will focus on the “innovation” element of the festival, with talks and workshops on a variety of different topics from food to the environment.

Where to Park for Light City?img-6

Light City draws hundreds of thousands of people to downtown Baltimore, so when planning your trip to the festival, it makes sense to figure out, ahead of time, where to park and what route to take.

Located at 55 Market Place, Harbor Park Garage is the perfect starting point; its central location is just a short walk from the BGE Light Art Walk and all things Light City.

Anytime after 5 p.m., you can park at Harbor Park for a flat rate of $15. Light City really gets started after 7:30 p.m., as the sun sets.

Make your trip even easier by reserving your spot ahead of time, using ParkWhiz, which allows you to reserve and prepay for your spot.

And once you arrive at the garage, if you have any questions about where to go or how to get there, the friendly and knowledgeable Harbor Park staff will be happy to point you in the right direction and answer your questions. Get your flat rate parking for Light City by following this link – https://goo.gl/rFAeQp.