Your November Just Got Louder!

Baltimore Soundstage

Harbor Park Garage, the Official Parking Partner for Baltimore Soundstage, A Rocking Event Lineup!

Greetings, Baltimore music and comedy enthusiasts! As the chill of November descends, the stage is set for sizzling performances that will heat up your nights, and Harbor Park Garage is thrilled to be an integral part of your entertainment experience. As the official parking partner for Baltimore Soundstage, we’re here to ensure your journey from your car seat to the stage seat is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Here’s the scoop on this month’s unmissable events!

πŸš€ Nov 1: Dragonforce – Shred the Night Away Gear up for a night of power metal ecstasy with Dragonforce’s searing guitars and epic melodies. Joining the sonic ride are Amaranthe, Nanowar Of Steel, and Edge Of Paradise. The symphony of destruction starts at 6 PM!

🎸 Nov 3: Angel Du$t – Punk Rock Rebellion Feel the adrenaline with Angel Du$t’s raw energy. With a lineup including Candy, Lion Of Judah, Dazy, and Loosey, prepare for a punk rock explosion like no other at 7 PM!

πŸ˜‚ Nov 4: Jared Freid – Comedy Carnival Swap headbanging for belly laughs with Jared Freid’s uproarious comedy. Get ready for sidesplitting jokes and hilarious quips beginning at 6:30 PM!

πŸ”₯ Nov 5: Pop Evil – Rock Royalty Immerse yourself in a night of hard-hitting rock anthems with Pop Evil. With Fame On Fire, LYLVC, and VEER, the stage is set for a rock ‘n’ roll whirlwind from 6 PM!

🀘 Nov 7: Suffocation & Incantation – Metal Madness Embrace the darkness with death metal pioneers Suffocation & Incantation, joined by Skeletal Remains and Stabbing. Unleash your inner beast at 6 PM!

🎀 Nov 9: TX2 – Hip-Hop Hype Get down with TX2’s slick rhymes and killer beats, with Kid Baron hyping up the crowd. The hip-hop phenomenon starts at 6 PM!

🍻 Nov 11: Pasadena – Smooth Vibes and High Tides Groove with Pasadena’s fusion of reggae beats and rock tunes, with Jimmie’s Chicken Shack adding to the laid-back vibes. The chill session begins at 7 PM!

🎭 Nov 12: Michelle Wolf – A Roar of Laughter Brace yourself for Michelle Wolf’s comedic genius, delivering punchlines that will have you roaring with laughter from 6 PM!

🎢 Nov 13: Rubblebucket – Indie Beats and Eclectic Treats Dance away with Rubblebucket’s indie rhythms and Dante Elephante’s cool tunes. The musical feast starts at 7 PM!

🀟 Nov 14: Botch – Hardcore Havoc Mosh to Botch’s intense hardcore punk, with Burial Waves bringing the noise. The havoc begins at 7 PM!

πŸ₯ Nov 15 & 16: Periphery – Progressive Mastery Witness Periphery’s musical wizardry across two spellbinding nights, supported by Mike Dawes. The artistry unfolds at 7 PM!

🌌 Nov 17: Yheti – Electronic Odyssey Embark on an audio adventure with Yheti’s deep, cosmic sounds. Joined by Minnesota, Vide, Raychill Sound, and Leonic, the journey begins at 8 PM!

πŸ”Š Nov 18: The Armed – Punk Powerhouse Join The Armed’s punk crusade, with Body Meat and Spaced amplifying the rebellion. The uprising starts at 7 PM!

🎹 Nov 24 & 25: Lotus – Musical Euphoria Close your month with Lotus’s captivating jams, blending genres for a euphoric musical experience. The magic happens at 7 PM!

With Harbor Park Garage, your concert experience starts the moment you park your car. As Baltimore Soundstage’s official parking partner, we promise a safe, secure, and convenient spot for your vehicle, just a short walk from the pulsating energy of live performances. Nestled at 55 Market Place, we’re not only close to the Soundstage but also a plethora of dining venues for that perfect pre-show meal.

So, what are you waiting for? Secure your tickets to the hottest shows in town and book your parking spot with ease. Let’s make this November unforgettable, rocking the nights away together!

Stay connected with Harbor Park Garage for more event news, parking details, and special offers as we continue to enhance your Baltimore Soundstage experience!