The National Aquarium: Waterblog – Feb to May 2017 Eve …

A group of stingrays swimming in the ocean.


More Than Meets the Eye

Researchers now know that the white-and-black splotches that give spotted eagle rays their common name form a pattern unique to each individual animal! This was determined using photo identification, which has also been used to show the individual qualities of humpback whales’ flukes and great white sharks’ dorsal fins.

Upcoming Events

img-422 FEBRUARY 22, 2017 • 6:30 PM – 9 PM
Member Evening

img-525 MARCH 25, 2017 • 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Project Clean Stream at Masonville Cove

img-61 APRIL 1, 2017 • 9 AM – 2 PM
Nassawango Atlantic White Cedar Restoration

img-76 MAY 6, 2017 • 10 AM – 1 PM
Fort McHenry Field Day