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What a wild, wacky week it has been as we smash into the first days of summer! The news cycle is in overdrive as tornados are touching down in Hartford County, and no sooner does LeBron James heft the NBA Trophy in one hand, then he resumes battling with his critics on Twitter with his smartphone in the other. It appears that the social manager turned press secretary Hope Hicks is as skillful as Tyrion Lannister on advising would be kings playing the Game of Thrones. And heads have indeed been rolling from Ramsey Bolton finally getting his much-deserved comeuppance to Corey Lewandowski hearing Trump’s famous words, “You’re fired!” Has the world turned upside down, or do we simply need to escape the hungry hounds of Bolton that epitomize the ravenous 24-hour news cycle?!

Perhaps the smart thing to do is to head down to the Inner Harbor and hunt out some simple family fun. You can start by booking a Sharks! Behind-the-scenes tour at the National Aquarium.   Get up close and personal with the Aquarium’s many varieties of sharks as expert guides help you separate truth from fiction about these incredible ocean creators.   We dare you to brave the catwalks above Shark Alley as the creatures swim silently below. Or when it comes to feeding time, you can even visit the food prep area to learn how shark diets are carefully prepared.

chix-logo2And when you are ready for lunch of your own, why not swing by Chicken Rico for some delicious Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken. Afterward, step into TropQ Creamery and Café for some cooling in-store handcrafted ice-cream and smoothies.

Pier Six LogoOr if nightlife is more your speed, head over to Pier Six Concert Pavillion to listen to Barenaked Ladies for their Last Summer on Earth Tour this Sunday, June 26.

SoundStageAlas, if you were looking forward to the electronic rock of Aaron Bruno and Awolnation please be advised that they have indeed gone AWOL and the June 28 concert has been canceled.  But your Tuesday night need not be a total bust. Instead, get tickets for the Emo, pop punk band Modern Baseball with Joyce Manor and Thin Lips in the Holly Ghost Tour at SoundStage Baltimore.  Check out their video The Weekend.

Finally, in the “what were they thinking” category comes the rebranding of the well-established Tribune Publishing to TRONC. We are not sure what the publisher of the Baltimore Sun is up to, but we will be keeping our eyes on them as we want to be sure that we get all the details on the #GoodsonTrial . If you have any ideas what is going on, please stop by the Harbor Park office on the second floor of the garage and tell us. After all, our 1300 space-parking garage is fully staffed for your convenience and we love to meet our patrons.   It sure beats getting stuck at an automated parking facility with no way to get out when things go wrong.

When you’re heading downtown, plan to park at the conveniently located Harbor Park Garage (55 Market Place). It’s just a short walk to the museum and the Aquarium – and the helpful staff will point you in the right direction if you need guidance.

The garage is both convenient and reasonably-priced, especially for Aquarium-goers, who can take advantage of a special $15 Aquarium rate.

It’s a smart parking bet on June 25, July 4 or anytime – all summer long!