Harbor park garage infographic.

At Harbor Park Garage, we focus a lot on giving our parkers the best experience possible, especially in this time of competitive pricing. However, while we do that, we also have been gathering statistics about our business, our city in order to improve the quality of our offerings. Take a look at these statistics.hpg-2019infographicbaltimore-1

Harbor Park Garage serves a large community

397,055 vehicles parked at the garage in 2018
That includes 59% monthly parkers and 41% daily parkers


It’s a good spot for short & long trips

Average length of stay for monthly parkers: 7.6 hours
Average length of stay for daily parkers: 4.4 hours  HPG-2019Infographicbaltimore-3


Getting out of the garage is quick!

Average time for a vehicle to pass through the gates to exit the garage: 3 seconds
This dropped from 9 seconds following the installation of Harbor Park’s new, customer-focused License Plate Recognition technology.  Harbor Park is the only garage in the Inner Harbor to have this technology


There’s a lot to do in Harbor Park’s neighborhood

50+ restaurants within walking distanceHPG-2019Infographicbaltimore-5
3 major concert venues showcasing about 300 live music acts per year
1 minute walk to Power Plant Live!
5 minute walk to Little Italy
6 minute walk to National Aquarium
7 minute walk to Harborplace
7 minute walk to MECU Paviliion
…and so much more!

Download the entire infographic below. Click to open and right-click on the image to save.