Parking in downtown Baltimore just got a little more futuristic – and a whole lot easier and safer. Parking-Park-sensorsHarbor Park Garage, located at 55 Market Place, has partnered with the parking guidance system manufacturer Portier to install a Portier VISION camera-based guidance system to monitor and ease parking in its prime parking section.


What is the Portier VISION guidance system?

The VISION system employs cameras to monitor parking spaces, spotting which spaces are occupied and which are empty. VISION camera units have been placed at strategic intervals throughout the garage, so they can view each space. The cameras record both video and still images of the lanes and individual parking spaces, to keep track of what is happening over time. This includes broad footage of activity as well as images of cars (and their license plates).

The footage of the spaces is accessible to the Harbor Park management office, so staff can keep an eye on what is happening throughout the garage, and is stored for a period of time, so if HPG can access it at a later date, if necessary.

The footage also provides data for a lighting system, with displays placed throughout the garage, that indicates which spaces are open and which are occupied.


What does that mean for Harbor Park Garage customers?

For people parking at Harbor Park, the process builds on HPG’s longstanding commitment to Parking-Portier-Kaari-disabled-parkingsecurity, safety and ease of parking.

From a safety standpoint, the cameras act as additional eyes throughout the garage, providing an extra layer of observation and security both in the moment and over time.

In terms of ease, the lighting displays make finding a spot much simpler than before. Each space has a light above it; when the space is empty, the light is green and when it is occupied, it turns red. This means parkers can easily identify open spots without turning down every row of cars, or creeping along searching for an unoccupied place. Additional signage indicates the number of open spots in certain areas.

Not only does the system make it easier to find a parking place, it also makes it easier to find your car in the event that you forget where you park. Instead of pacing up and down the rows of cars, you can ask for help from the management office, which can search for your car using your license plate number.


About Portier

The Portier VISION system is a product of Portier USA, a subsidiary of FLS Finland. The company provides parking guidance solutions for parking facilities all over the world and has dedicated sales offices/factories in the United States.

For more information about FLS and the Portier Parking Guidance system, visit https://www.flsfinland.fi/products/parking-solutions/


About Harbor Park Garage

Harbor Park Garage, one of downtown Baltimore’s premier parking facilities, is located at 55 Market Place, next to Power Plant Live! and just steps from the National Aquarium, Inner Harbor attractions, and downtown offices, shops and restaurants.

The garage is well-lit, clean, and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is staffed by a friendly, well-trained crew of employees who keep the garage running smoothly. It is conveniently located just a few minutes from I-83 and near other major routes in and out of the city.

For more information about Harbor Park Garage, visit https://harborparkgarage.com