A festive Christmas tree is lit up in the middle of Fells Point, Baltimore's historic neighborhood.

A Stroll Through Time – Fells Point’s Rich History

🕰️ Timeless Charm of Fells Point

Nestled along the picturesque waterfront of Baltimore, Fells Point boasts a history as captivating as its cobblestone streets. Established in the 18th century, this maritime neighborhood was once a bustling shipbuilding hub andA festive view of Fells Point at night with cars parked by the water. a thriving port for trade. Today, its historic charm is preserved in its well-preserved architecture, blending seamlessly with the modern vibrancy of its shops, restaurants, and pubs.

🏠 Architectural Treasures

The cobblestone streets are lined with well-preserved 18th and 19th-century homes, offering a glimpse into the architectural tapestry of the past. The red-bricked row houses with their intricate details create a picturesque backdrop, inviting visitors to step into the bygone era of Fells Point.

Explore the Enchanting Corners – Places of Interest

🛍️ Shop Till You Drop: Fells Point transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season. Quaint boutiques and shops, adorned with festiveFestive Christmas market in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. decorations, entice visitors with unique gifts and seasonal treasures. From locally crafted ornaments to vintage finds, the shops in Fells Point provide a delightful shopping experience for those seeking one-of-a-kind presents.

🎄Broadway Square: Start your journey in the heart of Fells Point at Broadway Square. Surrounded by historic buildings, this cobblestone square is a hub of activity. Admire the iconic Broadway Market, dating back to 1786, where you can indulge in local flavors and festive treats.

🍽️ Culinary Delights: The culinary scene in Fells Point is as diverse as its A Holiday house in Fells Point, Baltimore is decorated with Christmas lights and decorations.history. This holiday season, indulge your taste buds in the array of culinary delights that the neighborhood has to offer. From traditional seafood feasts to globally inspired dishes, Fells Point’s restaurants and eateries promise a gastronomic journey to remember.


🌃 Waterfront Promenade: Stroll along the waterfront promenade for breathtaking views of the harbor. Dotted with eclectic shops and charming boutiques, you’ll find unique gifts for everyone on your list. Stop by the antique shops for a trip back in time, or explore the nautical-themed stores for maritime treasures.

🍻 Raise a Glass: Fells Point is renowned for its historic pubs and breweries. Warm up with a festive brew or sip on a classic cocktail at one of the many establishments that have stood the test of time. Each venue carries its own tales, making it not just a place to enjoy a drink but an opportunity to savor the history ingrained in the wooden beams and aged bricks.


🏦 Fells Point Historic District: Immerse yourself in history by exploringA festive Christmas market in Fells Point, Baltimore, with a tree in the middle. the Fells Point Historic District. Wander through the narrow streets lined with rowhouses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Marvel at the architecture and imagine the tales of sailors and merchants who once walked these cobblestone paths.


Yuletide Delights – Christmas and New Year’s Attractions

Fells Point Tree Lighting Ceremony: Kick off the holiday season at the Fells Point Tree Lighting Ceremony in Broadway Square. Join the community in a festive celebration as the tree comes to life with twinkling lights. Sip on hot cocoa, enjoy live music, and bask in the warmth of the season. 🎅


Fells Point Festive Boat Parade: Experience the magic of the holidays with the Fells Point Festive Boat Parade along the harbor. Adorned in dazzling lights, boats of all sizes cruise the waterfront, creating a spectacle that illuminates the night sky. Find a cozy spot along the promenade and marvel at the maritime holiday magic. 🚤✨

Santa’s Seaside Visit: Meet Santa Claus in a unique maritime setting! Fells Point welcomes Santa to its historic docks, where children and adults alike can share their holiday wishes against the backdrop of moored sailboats. It’s a festive photo opportunity that captures the essence of Christmas in this nautical haven. 🎅


New Year’s Eve Bash at The Admiral’s Cup: Bid farewell to 2023 in style at The Admiral’s Cup, an iconic waterfront pub. Revel in live music, delectable bites, and a lively atmosphere. As the clock strikes midnight, join the cheers and enjoy a front-row seat to the city’s fireworks extravaganza lighting up the harbor. 🎆

Before You Go…


In the heart of Baltimore, Fells Point transforms into a winter wonderland during the holidays. From historic charm to contemporary festivities, this waterfront neighborhood offers a unique blend of past and present. Embrace the spirit of the season as you explore the cobblestone streets, savor local delights, and partake in the merriment that defines a Fells Point holiday. 🌟🎁

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