Dexter and the Moonrocks indie rock concert poster flaunting cosmic vibes.

Genre: Indie Rock with a Psychedelic Twist

Backstory: Buckle up for a journey through the stars with Dexter and the Moonrocks! Formed under a full moon night in 2019, this Baltimore-based quartet has been rockingA Dexter-themed poster for an Indie Rock concert at the harbor park garage. the galaxy with their out-of-this-world tunes and cosmic stage presence.

The Crew:

🎤🎸 Dexter Smith: Captain of the vocals and master shredder on the guitar.
🥁 Jamie Lee: Rhythm wizard and beat commander.
🎸 Alex Rivera: Bass guru and low-end astronaut.
🎹 Sara Kim: Keyboard sorceress casting sonic spells.
Cosmic Influences: Imagine Pink Floyd and Tame Impala having a jam session in a spaceship – that’s the kind of interstellar sound these rockers are channeling!

Galactic Milestones: Their debut album “Lunar Echoes” sent shockwaves across the music universe. The hit single “Cosmic Rhythms” has been echoing across the airwaves, and their live shows? Legendary!

Epic Upcoming Gig: 🌟🎶 Ready to blast off? Join the crew at Rams Head Live on December 8 for a night of meteoric melodies and gravitational grooves. It’s not just a concert; it’s an interplanetary party! Click here to buy tickets or click on that big BUY NOW button below!

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Stay Connected in the Cosmos:

🚀 Website:
📸 Insta: @dexterandthemoonrocks
👍 FB:
📧 Bookings: [email protected]
Warning: Side effects of attending their concert may include uncontrollable dancing, cosmic euphoria, and a sudden urge to wear more tie-dye. 🌈

🚗🌟 Special Parking Announcement for Concertgoers! 🌟🚗No More Parking Hassles! Make your concert night smooth sailing by parking at Harbor Park Garage, conveniently located right next door to Rams Head Live! Don’t let parking woes pull you down from your interstellar high – reserve your spot at Harbor Park Garage and enjoy a stress-free evening grooving with Dexter and the Moonrocks. 🎸🚀

Reserve Now: Secure your parking space in advance and focus on the fun. Visit for details and reservations. 🅿️✨

See you at the show – and remember, your perfect parking spot at Harbor Park Garage is just a stone’s throw away from the cosmic festivities! 🌌🎵